Thursday, January 28, 2010

Skiing in Idaho

I found these pictures on the camera today. This is one thing that Russ loves to do: ski with Joe! It looks like they had an amazing day playing in the snow.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Couple of Pictures

Just a couple of pictures of family and our finished fireplace!!!! My family got in the "Bronco" spirit this Christmas. Grandma is the biggest fan in our family and lost her voice during the fiesta bowl because she was screaming too much! My family also celebrated Christmas dinner with Doug, June and Izabel. It was the first time our parents have been together since we got married! It was so much fun to celebrate part of the holiday together. My Grandma took an instant liking to sweet Izabel! And At last.......the fireplace is done!! We are really happy with how it turned out. Anything is better than what it used to look like!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

House Pics

Just thought we'd put up some more house pics. It's been -22 degrees here so we've been inside working on the house. We are ALMOST done with the inside of the house. We're in the process of tiling the fireplace and after that we will only have the stairs and banister to finish.

I had to include pictures of our grown-up ducks! They are so darn cute...

This is the before picture of the basement fireplace. I know, you're sitting there thinking......"why in the world would they change this room? It looks so modern and stylish."
This is how the fireplace looks right now. Hopefully it'll be finished by tomorrow

I put these pictures in the wrong order....but here is the after of the guest room

Guest room before.

I wish you could have seen this bathroom before it was cleaned!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Snow and kitchen backsplash

It's snowing outside right now and we are looking forwarded to getting out and playing in it more. We went up to Lolo pass last week and cross country skied. The best part, of course, was watching Sukha roll and play in the snow.....she loves it! We've still been mountain biking but by the looks of the weather this morning.....we will be retiring the bikes for the season. We also finished our kitchen backsplash last month. We are really pleased with how it turned out. We only have to use the tile saw for one more project and then we will return to my dad with a big red ribbon on it! We missed everyone at Thanksgiving. Russ and I have so much to be thankful for and we love you all!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Meet our new little friends!

The other morning we were looking out the front window and saw the cutest little raccoon in our irrigation ditch. He played around for a couple of minutes and then disappeared back into the pipe. I was pretty bummed that he didn't stay around a little longer!

So we were really excited when he showed back up with a friend!

And even more excited when another one popped up into the yard!

When I saw the fourth one I started worrying that they were waiting for a duck dinner in the backyard!

I couldn't get a good picture but six raccoons ended up playing in our yard for about fifteen minutes! I got it on video but figured that no one wanted to hear my ridiculous excitement that is audible on the video! They were super cute and we hope to see them again soon! By the way, the massive rock pile in the front of the house is our doing. We thought we would get around to building a berm covered in beautiful flowers this summer, but we didn't and now it is just a big ugly pile of cement, cinder blocks and rocks!